January 2020

East Kazakhstan state University took place the solemn opening of the year of the volunteer

The youth action "Birgemiz", dedicated To the year of volunteers, was held at the S. AmanzholovEKSU.

The event was attended by students-volunteers of the club of volunteers "Meirim" of the S. Amanzholov EKSU, as well as representatives of youth public organizations, heads of district offices of the youth wing "Jas Otan", Directors of the IDC, students of universities and institutions of higher education, working youth, civil servants and volunteer organizations of the city.


A branch of the Department of TMPCS EKSU opened on the basis of a regional specialized school for children gifted in sports

A branch of the Department of TMPCS EKSU opened on the basis of a regional specialized school for children gifted in sports
The Department of theory and methods of physical culture and sports of S. Amanzholov EKSU and KSU "East Kazakhstan regional specialized boarding school-College for children gifted in sports" of the DPHCS of East Kazakhstan region signed an agreement on mutual cooperation.


Letters of thanks and certificates were awarded to distinguished teachers of EKSU

During the meeting of the Academic Council of S. Amanzholov EKSU, the rector of the University M. A. Tolegen presented certificates and letters of Thanks to distinguished employees of the University.

Senior lecturer in music education Yuri D. Ananiev awarded the diploma of MES of the RK, signed by the Minister by A. Aimagambetov.


Students-volunteers of EKSU took part in a meeting with the Deputy akim of East Kazakhstan region

In Ust-Kamenogorsk, Deputy mayor of the region for social Affairs Alisher Marhabatovich Marhabat held a meeting in the "no tie" format with representatives of the region's youth.

Students-volunteers of the Meirim volunteer movement of the Amanzholov EKSU took part in the meeting.


"Rudny Altai": "Atomic lady from Kurchatov»

A graduate of the Amanzholov EKSU with a degree in nuclear physics works today at the Kazakhstan tokamak materials science (KTM) National nuclear center of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kurchatov.

A diagnostic engineer from the science city of East Kazakhstan successfully combines work and coaching.


The exhibition "Aristotle of the East" dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of al-Farabi opened in EKSU

On the eve of the 1150th anniversary of the great scientist and philosopher of the medieval East Аl-Farabi, which is widely celebrated internationally under the auspices of UNESCO, the University library invites you to visit the exhibition "Aristotle of the East".

The exhibition presents treatises of Аl-Farabi, the history of philosophy in Russian and Kazakh, books about him, as well as publications from the magazines "Akikat", "Kazak orkeneti", "Bulletin of the Аl-Farabi al-Farabi KazNU".


EKSU held a meeting of the Academic Council of the University

A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held at the Amanzholov EKSU, where eight issues were considered.


In the year of Abai's anniversary, a student of EKSU was awarded an Abai scholarship and a certificate for an educational grant

The student Bolat Aitolkyn Bolatkyzy was awarded a certificate of awarding an educational grant by the Governor's office of East Kazakhstan region and a scholarship named after Abay of the Amanzholov EKSU.

The rector of S. Amanzholov EKSU M. A. Tolegen presented certificates to the student Bolat Aitolkyn Bolatkyzy in a solemn atmosphere.

The student is studying at the Department of Kazakh, Russian Philology and journalism of the faculty of history, Philology and international relations.


EKSU and the audit Commission for East Kazakhstan region signed a Memorandum of cooperation and interaction

A Memorandum of cooperation and interaction was signed between the S. Amanzholov EKSU and the state audit Commission for the East Kazakhstan region.

The subject of this Memorandum is the interaction and development of long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties on the assessment of local budgets of the region, on the organization of practical training of University students on the basis of the institution.


The ethnographic Museum of East Kazakhstan region hosted the first shooting of a series of TV programs about Abai TV Studio " Altai jastary»

In the ethnographic Museum of East Kazakhstan region, the first TV program of the cycle "Abaydy bilmek Paryz oyli zhaska" was filmed by the media center and the student TV Studio "Altai jastary" of theS. Amanzholov EKSU.

The purpose of the series of TV programs is to familiarize young people with the heritage of Abay Kunanbayev, the pride of the nation, as well as to popularize and promote the heritage of the great poet.



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