January 2020

Students of East Kazakhstan region visited museums and laboratories of EKSU

The fourth day of the eventful program of stay of 170 students from the districts of East Kazakhstan region in the S. Amanzholov EKSU was remembered for the children by acquaintance with the museums and laboratories of the University.


Sports events were held in EKSU for students of East Kazakhstan region

On the third day of their stay at the S. Amanzholov EKSU, students of the vacation preparatory courses "Zhas Talap", after classes, relay races, games of volleyball, chess and draughts were held.

The children were happy to visit the gym and chess club of the University in the academic building No. 1 after the main classes.

Team work experience, dexterity, perseverance in achieving goals - this is what the children experienced when they took part in sports events organized for them at the University.


EKSU and the University of medical Sciences from Turkey signed a Memorandum of understanding

The Memorandum of understanding was signed by S. Amanzholov EKSU and the University of medical Sciences (Turkey).

In the sphere of cooperation interests-academic programs, including student exchange programs and specialized foreign courses.

In addition, the parties agreed on joint research activities, the exchange of teachers for lectures, information, including publications in the library collections, as well as research publications, and educational events.


The winners of the Republican contest "Best University teacher-2019" were three teachers of EKSU

The results of the Republican competition for the title "Best University teacher-2019"were summed up. 200 people from 48 higher educational institutions of the country became holders of the title "Best University teacher".


Excursions to Ust-Kamenogorsk are organized for students of East Kazakhstan region

The second day was a busy one for prospective students. The center for marketing, career and employment organized, in addition to studying, excursions around the city.

Recall that on January 3, the winter season of vacation preparatory courses "Zhas Talap" opened for more than 150 students of grades 10-11 from schools in the East Kazakhstan region.



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