July 2020

EKU Professor I. Matskevich became an OSCE expert

After successfully passing all stages of the competition, Professor I. K. Matskevich of the Amanzholov state University is included in the Register of experts/consultants Of the Department of human dimension in the office of the OSCE programs (Organization for security and co-operation in Europe) in Nur-Sultan.


In the new academic year dual training is being implemented in 6 more educational programs at the higher school of Economics

In the new 2020-2021 academic year, dual training at the University is implemented in addition to six educational programs (EP).

Dual training is implemented in the educational programs "6B01601 History", "6B02202 History and digital Humanities", "6B01702 Russian language and literature"," 6B01507 Chemistry-Biology"," 6B01505 – Biology","6B04201 – Law".

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Ust-Kamenogorsk educational and production combine and EKU signed a Memorandum of cooperation

A Memorandum of cooperation and interaction was signed between S. Amanzholov EKSU and KSU "Training and production combine" of the Ust-Kamenogorsk city akimat.

Among the areas of the Memorandum – creating conditions for improving the quality of training of students of the Educational and production complex in the profile of the University, the development, implementation and testing of joint educational programs in the main disciplines, cooperation in the field of professional orientation of students.


In the EKU, was held online-meeting with graduates of schools in five areas

Within the framework of the state program" Serpin", the Director of the Youth resource center of East Kazakhstan region A. K. Yessimbekova and the rector of the higher educational institution named after S. Amanzholov M. A. Tolegen met live with school graduates of Almaty, Turkestan, Mangistau, Zhambyl and Kyzylorda regions.

During the online meeting, graduates received answers to all their questions.

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The rector of EKU held an online meeting with journalists of the region

Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University hosted an online meeting in the format of a conversation between the rector M. A. Tolegen and journalists of the region.

The meeting was attended by the winners of the competition for journalists "Shabyt / SHKMU-2020" ("Inspiration/ EKSU-2020") in the category "Best article about EKSU named after S. Amanzholov", dedicated To the day of communication and information workers.


The teacher of the Higher College took 1st place in the Republican competition " the Best master of science of Kazakhstan-2020»

Lecturer at Higher College of S. A. Muzhchil took 1st place in this competition. Director of the Higher College S. D. Utepov was awarded a letter of thanks for participating in the organization of the competition and contributing to the scientific and educational activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The competition was held by the National innovative research center "Bilim-orkenieti "and the Republican center for professional development and retraining of teachers of Kazakhstan"Bilim-orkenieti".


EKU operates remotely and accepts applicants ' documents in online format

In order to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological safety associated with coronavirus infection in the country during the quarantine period, the S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University has switched to a remote mode of operation since March this year, including the reception of documents of incoming applicants this year in online format.

All advertising, informational and image materials are provided to applicants via social networks, WhatsApp, mobile phone numbers, and email.


In the EKU of the implementation of the dual training for 21 educational programs

In the current academic year, in order to strengthen practice-oriented training in NPJSC "Amanzholov EKU", 21 educational programs have introduced elements of dual training, which is four more than in the previous academic year.


Free student passes for visiting museums will appear in East Kazakhstan region

East Kazakhstan architectural, ethnographic and natural landscape Museum-reserve of the Department of culture, archives and documentation of East Kazakhstan region in order to support talented youth in the 2020-2021 academic year is implementing a project to introduce a free student pass.

Preference will be given to students studying in the educational programs "Tourism", "History", "Kazakh language and literature".


EKU graduate, journalist Adilkhan Yessimkhanov received the award of the Governor of East Kazakhstan region

Adilkhan Yessimkhanov, a graduate of the educational program "journalism" of the S. Amanzholov University, won the nomination "Menin Shygysym", and was awarded a diploma and a prize of the Governor of the East Kazakhstan region.


During his studies at the University Adilkhan Yessimkhanov started working in journalism as a sports journalist on the website VKsport.kz.

Currently, after completing his studies at the University, Adilkhan works in the regional newspaper "Menin olkem" and on the website Buqara.kz.



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