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EKU hosted an online meeting of the rector with first-year students

The traditional meeting at the beginning of the new academic year of the University rector M. A. Tolegen with 1st-Year students was held at the Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University.

According to the rector of the University, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and in Kazakhstan, training in the 2020-2021 academic year will be held in a remote format. The timing of the return to the traditional form of training will depend on the overall epidemiological situation in the country and decisions of the authorized body – Ministry of education. All information is posted on the official website of the University and social networks, in General chats of curators of groups and advisors.

-Dear students! The entire educational process from 1 to 4 courses is conducted according to the Academic calendar, which is a schedule of the educational process with the main dates in the organization of the educational process. For 1st year students classes will be held remotely in synchronous mode according to the schedule on the University's distance learning portal (, via the Big blue button and ZOOM platforms.

For students of 2-4 courses, General education courses will be taught in the online learning format in asynchronous mode, which means combining classes in ZOOM with the study of educational content and video materials of teachers at a convenient time for you. Practical and laboratory classes, language and creative disciplines, including physical education classes and classes at the military Department are held in an online format according to the schedule on the ZOOM platform, " Tolegen said.

University students should log in to the online learning system by visiting the distance learning portal (, enter your username – this is your personal IIN, and password – ID number.

On this portal, teachers upload the developed educational content: online courses, video lectures, tests, additional materials for each discipline, the resources of the scientific library and the resources of the best libraries in Kazakhstan and the world are connected.

Instructions for working in the distance learning portal are developed and posted on the portal, which will help you successfully organize the learning process in an individual mode.

In order to help students, the University operates a "one-stop shop" student service Center "Parasat", where you can get various services, such as documents for transfer, restoration, necessary certificates, transcript, documents in case of a change of name, to The Public service Center, etc.

For distance learning, a virtual rector's office, a virtual Dean's office, and a virtual registration office have been created on the University's website to help students.

-The University today creates all conditions for providing you with assistance for quality education, - said the rector of the University M. A. Tolegen. - In the current conditions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we should not lose the quality of training, since March of this year we have done a lot of work. An operational headquarters and project office were created, the world experience of switching to distance education was studied daily, and the University is 100% ready for the beginning of the academic year.

According to him, in preparation for the new academic year, multimedia laboratories were equipped with technical equipment, computers, interactive panels, etc. were purchased. So, on September 2, the laboratory of digital pedagogy and the research Institute "Abaytanu" opens.

-University students are the main actors and all conditions are created for your development: fitness center, swimming pool, libraries, scientific laboratories and centers, TV Studio "Altai zhastary", student houses, sports grounds and halls, recreation center "Sibiny". The University has more than 30 clubs and scientific circles for students. Student self-government is actively developing. Registration for participation in clubs and scientific circles will be held from September 14 to 19. You can get all the information on social and educational issues in the call center, where psychologists, financial consultants and other social services of the University work for you,-said M. A. Tolegen.

Students of the University are provided with accommodation in students ' homes, and applications are submitted through the "Registration" section on the University's website. Accommodation in the homes of students in the 1st half of the 2020-2021 academic year is limited to quarantine conditions and only foreign students, orphans and students living in localities of East Kazakhstan region who do not have the Internet are allowed to move in, as evidenced by the certificates of Kazakhtelecom joint-stock Company.

During the meeting, the rector answered all the students 'questions asked live and said that questions that arise during the training process can be answered in call centers, in virtual deans' offices, on the University's website, including in the "rector's Blog".

The meeting was attended by Vice-rector of SD and SW I. V. Rovnyakova, who told about the 68-Year history of the University, traditions, graduates who have reached great heights and achievements in career development and growth, who received their education at the S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University.

-Despite temporary changes in the organization of the educational process, the upcoming academic year is preparing a lot of new and interesting things. The most important thing in life is to learn to learn, to learn to think boldly and modernly, and regardless of your position in society and age, " concluded M. A. Tolegen, adding that today is just the beginning of a dialogue, and such meetings will be traditional.

The meeting was attended by about 1 thousand students and their parents.

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