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The meeting of the Committee "Linguistics and Translation Studies" of the Academic Council

The meeting of the "Linguistics and Translation Studies" committee of the Academic Council on the correction of QED and individual disciplines was held at EKSU.

The first question was the information of the head of the committee G.K. Kapysheva, who reported on the approval of the new document “State Compulsory Educational Standards of All Levels of Education” dated October 31, 2017, No. 604. In addition, she spoke about the areas of training in the classifier "Languages ​​and Literature", "Translation Studies", "Training of Teachers in Languages ​​and Literature", "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages", "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages", graduate employment and problems arising from this.

Currently, educational programs (OP) 6B01703 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” and 6B02301 “Translation Studies” have been updated, taking into account the interests of students, graduates and employers. The content of these programs is one of the factors of educational, economic and social progress of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is focused on shaping the student’s knowledge of an adequate modern level of knowledge and level of the educational program, language and linguistic picture of the world, as well as the integration of the personality into the national and world culture.

The content of the OP corresponds to the achievements of world culture, Kazakh traditions, cultural and national peculiarities; appropriate level of training of teachers of English / Chinese, English / German, English / Turkish, English / Korean and translator-referent and translator of technical literature. In addition, it corresponds to modern educational technologies, reflected in the ability to introduce into the learning process communication technologies of language teaching and translation; the introduction of disciplines, developing communicative speech skills, as well as contributing to the development of scientific inclinations.

In the light of new requirements, the development takes into account the main qualitative characteristics of educational programs: relevance; rationality; realism; integrity; controllability; correctability.

External and internal academic mobility of students and teachers are actively developing under contracts with foreign universities in South Korea, China, Poland, and Germany. Students of the study program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” and “Translation Studies” have the opportunity to participate in various study programs and gain invaluable experience and knowledge in comparison with the programs of other foreign universities.

According to the programs, specialists graduate: a teacher of two foreign languages ​​of a specialized school (with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​and schools with a number of subjects in a foreign language); teacher of two foreign languages ​​of secondary technical and professional educational organizations; interpreter –referent; translator of technical literature.

Students actively participate in the academic mobility program annually. on various international programs like DAAD for summer language courses at leading universities in Germany, Korea, Poland, universities of Lublin, Wroclaw, Adam Mickiewicz, France, University of Poitiers and other countries, thus obtaining wide opportunities for comparing and comparing other universities. Lecturers of the department participate in various academic mobility programs with lectures at the University of Cologne, the University of Munich, the University of Jakarta, Indonesia, under a bilateral agreement at the Johannes Gutenberg University, an internship at the Department of German Studies and Translation Studies.

On the second question, I.Yu.Larionov was heard with a report “On the employment of graduates of the study program“ Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages ​​”and“ Translation Studies ”.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Affairs graduates specialists in EP "Translation Studies", "Foreign Language: two foreign languages." Disciplines like “Methods of foreign language education”, “Literature of the country of the language being studied”, “Theory of Translation”, “Oral two-way translation”, “Academic writing”, “Introduction to intercultural communication” are extremely important for shaping the level of training of specialists that meets the needs of employers. Our department provides assistance in the employment of students and graduates, using direct contacts with employers and information resources of the university, - she said.

To this end, students and graduates are informed about job opportunities, the requirements for a job seeker, as well as potential employers are informed about graduates from our department; assisting employers in the selection of the necessary staff from among university graduates; constant interaction with enterprises and organizations of the region, regional and local administrations, employment centers for the most complete implementation of tasks. In addition, psychological training is provided for graduates on employment issues, self-determination in the labor market, career development, negotiating with employers; interaction with student and youth organizations on issues of vocational guidance, employment of students and employment of graduates; maintaining information accounting and the creation of a database of graduates of the university, as well as a bank of vacancies suitable for employment of graduates.

The percentage of employment is 99%.

A graduate Olzhas Akanov reported on the employment of graduates.

The report "Improving the system of training foreign language teachers" was made by N.A. Sadykova.

The main goals and objectives of the university are defined as:

- implementation of a new innovative model of the university, organically combining advanced international experience with the domestic potential of higher education and science;

- improvement and development of language training and credit technology;

- harmonization of educational programs with the best foreign analogues and prospects for the development of the requirements of the domestic and international labor market;

- improvement of the system of training, selection and placement of faculty members, increasing their skills, economic and social status;

- development of international cooperation in the fields of higher education and postgraduate training.

The most important feature of a technological approach to learning is the obligatory setting of clear, specific, diagnosable, relevant goals that should be achieved in a strictly defined period of study time.

- In accordance with the curriculum and the schedule of the educational process, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Studies organizes two types of practice with schools and educational institutions of the city and region: teaching and educational teaching (continuous) and production teaching for full-time graduate courses and full-time TIPO, - the head of the practice E.E.Chzhan reported. - In this academic year, 102 student interns altogether went to these types of practices. Production pedagogical practice is organized in the fourth year of study in the 8th semester and covers 10 Bases of practice were educational institutions of Ust-Kamenogorsk: school-gymnasium №38, secondary school № 30; Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology; secondary school number 15; secondary school number 20 named. A. Baitursynov; private business school "Brig"; Lyceum school № 44 them. Oralhana Bokey; specialized school-lyceum number 34 for gifted children; Secondary school No. 1, Secondary school No. 16, Eastern Technical and Humanitarian College, Bolshenarym Rural Lyceum in Үlken-Naryn, with which contracts were concluded.

Within the framework of communication with employers, “Catalogs of elective disciplines” are developed together with schools, taking into account the needs of the current situation in teaching foreign languages; teachers of the department develop elective courses aimed at updating the content of education, in particular, "Modern educational technologies", "Language for special purposes, level C1C2", "Professionally-oriented foreign language", "Methods of teaching foreign languages", etc.

Certain aspects of theses on the methodology carried out approbation and determined the effectiveness of the developed sets of exercises aimed at the formation of linguistic competencies. As a feedback with schools, teachers of the department together with students, regional Olympiads in foreign languages, vocational guidance conversations with students, English language courses are held; as part of the jury, teachers take part in the regional competition in foreign languages, the competition of research projects, in regional competitions at the base of colleges in Ust-Kamenogorsk; School teachers work as part of the SJC at state graduation exams in the specialty Foreign Languages.

In his speech, A.K. Aimukhambetova stressed the need to include in the QED disciplines such as “Preparing for IELTS” and “Academic writing”, and also expressed her opinion on the implementation of the principles of flexibility and adaptability to changes in social and economic life, in professional activities, the ability to live in a multicultural world, professionalism, which involves the use of a foreign language for professional purposes, which requires appropriate methods and special means to achieve specific goals and objectives.

With closing remarks G.K. Kapysheva, who expressed gratitude to all those present and hope for further cooperation.

The meeting resulted in the adoption of a resolution recommending the approval of CECs of OP 6B01703 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, 6B02301 “Translation Studies” and 7M01703 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”. In addition, it was recommended to develop and approve a plan of academic council meetings for the 2019-2020 academic year in order to exchange ideas, jointly develop proposals and make decisions on improving the competitiveness of EPs in the light of the total modernization of all spheres of public life, as well as strengthen the work on establishing direct contacts with employers in order to timely change and supplement the catalog of elective disciplines.

Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Studies

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