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Rector of EKSU met with students of the university

Rector of EKSU named after S.S. Amanzholova M.A. Tolegen held a meeting with the student youth of all faculties, reported on new projects implemented at the university in the Year of Youth, listened to the suggestions of students and answered their questions.

During a meeting with the rector of EKSU named after S.S. Amanzholova M.A. Tolegen students put forward a proposal to hold on the basis of the university a republican festival of student theaters “Elymnіn өnerөmar zhastary”. The proposal came from the founder and head of the student theater studio Avangard, a 3rd year student of the specialty journalism Nikita Deryabin and the head of the student theater Shabyt Ertay Zhumanovich Khasenov. This idea, initiated earlier by students, was reflected in the project of EKSU named after S.S. Amanzholov «YLTTY BASTAR - RUKHTY ZHASTAR ”for 2019 (project leader - Vice-Rector for educational work, AG Tolamisov).

“The Year of the Youth provides tremendous opportunities for developing the creative potential of young people,” said Nikita Deryabin. - I am glad that youth is developing culture. In the piggy bank of Avangard there are performances of “The Plague on Both Your Houses” by Grigory Gorin and The Prima Donnas by Ken Ludwig, and by the end of March we are giving a premiere - a musical. For the first time in the history of the university a musical will be staged here. We deliberately took such a complex genre to make the play with a creative scope.

- It is important that you, already in high school, along with your studies, accumulate various practical skills and abilities, attend study groups, sections and interest clubs, accumulate experience that will be useful in your life, - noted M.A. Tolegen. - I would like to wish all young people to have an active life position from the age of 17-18, and then it will be easy for you and later in life to learn, work and achieve success in your career. It is no coincidence that our President N.A. Nazarbayev at the opening ceremony of the Year of Youth stressed that “today in Kazakhstan, solving the problems of sociocultural adaptation of young people, developing the competitiveness of young people”, ensuring the urgent needs of young Kazakhstanis, above all “affordable and high-quality education, availability of work, housing and to start a family".

According to the rector of the university, in the Year of Youth, announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, EKSU named after. S. Amanzholova, with the support of the Akimat of the East Kazakhstan Oblast, opens the Abai youth research and educational center in the country of the European Union - Poland, in the Linguistic-Technical University of Svech.

The purpose of the new center will be to popularize and expand knowledge among Polish students at the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, the work of the great poet and enlightener Abai, support compatriots abroad, develop bilateral educational and cultural ties, develop academic mobility and double diploma education between universities of the two countries. The center will become an interactive platform for the exchange of cultures, educational programs and international scientific projects. And in the EKSU it is planned to open the Copernicus Research and Education Center at the Linguistic Technical University (Poland).

According to M.A. Tolegen, scholarships named after Abai and S.Amanzholov, various nominations and certificates have been approved to support talented young people in high school.

In addition, social support measures include material assistance and benefits through the student union, services provided by the university free of charge, including medical care, internet access, use of the library fund and reading rooms, laboratories, classes in clubs and clubs, visits to sports clubs and use of sports halls.

“This year, as part of the Year of Youth and under the auspices of a healthy lifestyle, we are opening the Student Fitness Center Student,” said the rector MA Tolegen.

Among the proposals of students sounded at the meeting is the creation of additional nominations that distinguish the best actors, poets, athletes, musicians and others among students, highlight comfortable and spacious premises for rehearsals, improvement of living conditions, etc.

As for the activities of the “Roadmap” of the project “LSTY BASTAR - RUKHTY ZHASTAR”, this year in the EKSU it is planned to open the center “Co-working”, the school of young technicians on the basis of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technologies, the literary center “Shygys Shynarlary”.

Other plans include the organization of the republican contest “I am professional”, the holding of the festival of cultures of the peoples of the world “Ulttar properties - bereli bolashaktyk kepili”, the organization of a summer language school for leaders of student self-government bodies, the Youth Language Leadership School, and the organization and holding of a forum for students “Ultta” Bastar - Rukhty Zhastar ", the Republican intellectual game" Parasat "among the universities of Kazakhstan.

Along with this, no less ambitious plans are the compilation and release of compilations of essays and poems of university students “Ak қainar” and “Moldir bularak” and the publication of the book “Zhastar ruhani zagyry zholynda: the best students of EKSU named after S.Amanzholov”.

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