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September 1 - knowledge Day!

Dear freshmen! Dear students, undergraduates, doctoral students of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan state University! I congratulate You on the beginning of the new school year and knowledge day!

With the new academic year, we open a new page in the history of our University, 68 pages of new victories and achievements!

Dear applicants now you have become students of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan state University, the leading state University in the East of the country, and You have made An important and correct step towards a professional and scientific career when choosing a University.

Our University is a classic multidisciplinary University with a rich history and traditions, which occupies a leading position in the world and Kazakhstan rankings.

The University ranks 6th in the national ranking among 130 universities in the country, and in the world rankings it belongs to the AA+ group of universities, a University with a high quality of training.

The University's educational programs are ranked first by the national chamber Of entrepreneurs "Atameken". The University has opened more than 30 new bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in popular specialties for the East Kazakhstan region and the Republic of Kazakhstan. New educational programs allow you, future specialists, to choose an innovative profession and have 100% employment.

Dear first-year students, this year our University has received more than 2 thousand students in all forms of education. Special pride is the children who have the "Altyn belgi" badge. their number has doubled this year and amounted to 89 people (63 people in 2019), more than 100 people have received a special certificate (86 in 2019), 50 students have won national and regional Olympiads.

It should be noted that among those who entered the first year, more than 600 people entered budget places, including 156 grants from local Executive bodies, which were received by applicants with the support Of the government of the East Kazakhstan region D. K. Akhmetov. The higher College of the University received more than 280 applicants.

Today, the total number of students at the University is more than 8 thousand people.

Students - athletes are the pride of the University! Thanks to the Titanic work of athletes, our University achieves high results in sports at the National and international level. In 2020, S. Amanzholov EKSU became the winner of the Winter Universiade among 130 universities of Kazakhstan.

And the University is proud of its famous athletes having world-class wins. These are legendary Olympic Champions: Olga Rypakova, Alexey Poltoranin, Boris Alexandrov, after whom the sports Palace in Ust-Kamenogorsk is named, five-time world champion in kickboxing Askar Mozhanov and many others.

This academic year, the number of International masters of sports, masters and candidates for master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, prize-winners of international and Asian competitions has doubled compared to the previous year. (in 2019 – 32, 2020 - 85 ).

That's who our young people need to look up to! We wish high sporting achievements to our athletes!

Today, the University staff is successfully working to create high - quality and comfortable conditions for the training of our students, opening new research centers, offices, laboratories, sports facilities, a military Department named after Kabanbai Batyr has been opened-all this gives you a chance to realize yourself in scientific and creative terms. S. Amanzholov EKSU is a social University that provides great social support to various categories of students.

To support gifted and talented students, two scholarships were introduced: the Abay Kunanbayev scholarship (50 thousand tenge monthly) and the Sarsen Amanzholov scholarship (25 thousand tenge). University grants: grant name Kanipa Bitibayeva, grants subject - computer science, history, physical education and sport. The competition held among the most gifted children during the year allowed us to identify the fellows and we congratulate the grant holders on their victory.

Dear students! The new academic year 2020 is coming and it begins under quarantine measures and sanitary and epidemiological restrictions. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and in Kazakhstan, training in the 2020-2021 academic year will be held in a distance format. To help students, a virtual rector's office and a virtual Dean's office have been created on the University's website. Today, the University creates comfortable conditions for providing students with high-quality education in the difficult conditions of the pandemic.

Dear students, I sincerely congratulate all University students on the new academic year. I hope that together we will overcome all the difficulties of this difficult period and meet in our classrooms. I wish you successful studies, scientific and creative success. The faculty and staff of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University will make every effort for your successful study.

Senior students, I would like to wish you a sincere desire to acquire new competencies and skills, patience, perseverance in conquering the professional heights of the future profession!

Dear teachers and staff, thank you for your highly professional work and wish you new creative achievements. The next academic year of serious and very responsible work begins, laying a solid Foundation for our future success and scientific achievements.

I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity!

Rector of Sarsen Amanzholov University, Professor M. A. Tolegen

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