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Social partners EKSU and KAZ Minerals opened a classroom named after the first rector of the university E. Mambetkaziev

Inauguration of the classroom for general chemistry named after the first rector of the EKSU, Honorary professor of  S. Amanzholov EKSU, doctor of chemical sciences, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerezhep Alkhairovich Mambetkaziev, was held on September 12 at the university.

The opening took place as part of a social partnership S. Amanzholov EKSU and KAZ Minerals. The audience was attended by Paul Gahagan, Director of Human Resources Department of KAZ Minerals Group and Johan Barnard, Technical Director of KAZ Minerals Company, as well as teachers and leaders from the Kazakhstan-American Free University, whose president is Yerezhep Alkhairovich Mambetkaziev. Among the guests from KASU are colleagues from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Spain, Ukraine and other states.


- KAZ Minerals Aktogay takes part in the training of young specialists for the mining industry. For this, several projects in the field of education under the general name "Super College" have been launched in the East Kazakhstan region. The amount of allocated funds is about 535 million tenge. The Super College project, in addition to advanced training for graduates, was conceived for the early training of specialists “for themselves”. Work at Aktogay GOK, equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, requires special training. By agreement with educational institutions, it was decided to conduct this training in advance, before selection for the mine.


In EKGU named after S. Amanzholova, at the Department of Chemistry and at the Higher College of the University, for the amount of 22.2 million tenge, a training class for laboratory assistants in chemical analysis is equipped. Interactive and technical teaching aids, natural collections, training posters, manuals, videos, demonstration and laboratory devices, sets of chemicals and utensils, tables and chairs are provided. Also, at the expense of the company in the amount of 6.1 million tenge, 15 grants were allocated for students who will study at the college, undergo industrial and pre-diploma practices, and after graduation will be employed at the Aktogay GOK, KAZ Minerals Company informed.


In addition, a laboratory equipped with modern equipment was opened next to the classroom.


Within the framework of the event, an exhibition of publications about E.A. Mambetkaziev, his books, as well as ancient textbooks of the 18-19th centuries from the University rare books fund.


- Today at  S. Amanzholov EKSU - a joyful event. We open an office named after Yerezhep Alkhairovich Mambetkaziev, thereby paying tribute to the person who made a huge contribution to the establishment and development of our university - the third university of Independent Kazakhstan, ”said the rector of the S. Amanzholova EKSU M. A. Tolegen. - Erezhep Alkhairovich Mambetkaziev is known in our country and abroad as the leader of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an excellent organizer, a person with scientific foresight, ahead of time. As the rector of the university, Yerezhep Alkhairovich opened new scientific horizons for the team, laid the foundation for social partnership between EKSU and higher and near abroad universities, industrial enterprises, and business. So much has been done over the years - the first university in the east of the country, the reform of education as a minister, the first university of international level and international partnerships, social activities as a deputy, an honorary citizen of the city.


According to the rector, the university, observing the laid down principle by Yerezhep Alkhairovich of "the connection of university science with production", develops partnerships with enterprises of the East Kazakhstan region.


“Today, our social partner, Kazminerals, has decided to train specialists on the basis of the Higher College and the Department of Chemistry of our university,” said the rector of  S. Amanzholov EKSU M.A. Tolegen. - For this purpose, a laboratory is equipped and a classroom is open. We thank the leaders of the company for their support and great interest in training professional personnel for our region!


In response, E.A. Mambetkaziev warmly thanked his former and current colleagues, wishing new successes to his brainchild.



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