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5В0011600 – «Geography»

Code - Specialty 5В0011600 – «Geography»
Goals and objectives of the specialty

The main national purpose of education in the specialty 5B011600 – "Geography" is to provide students with high-quality, affordable, modern education in the preparation of teachers of geography, capable of practical implementation in teaching.
Objectives of the specialty –5B011600 "Geography»:
- follow updated school educational programs MES RK in the light of the message of the President N..Nazarbayev: "Rouhani Ganguru", "Modernization of public consciousness" and "Spiritual shrines of Kazakhstan (sacred geography)»;
- to work in a team, tolerant of social, ethnic, religious and cultural differences;
- be competent in reading and understanding General geographic and special maps, the ability to conduct physical and geographical, economic and geographical, environmental, local history and tourism research;
- use geographical information sources (selection, analysis, comparison and synthesis).

Qualification characteristic

Spheres of professional activity:
-high school geography teacher;
- geography teacher in colleges;
Objects of professional activity:
- institutions of public administration;
- academic, University and industry research institutes;
- design and research and production organizations, enterprises and associations;
- higher, secondary special and vocational education institutions;
- management and expert institutions of various ministries and departments;
- firms and other organizations of various forms of ownership.
Subjects of professional activity:
- educational (pedagogical), work as a geography teacher in various educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, etc.), organizer of tourist and local history work in the school;
- research, implementation of research in the main disciplines in various organizations
- design, implementation of General and specialized developments in design and engineering organizations (topographic survey, map creation, recreation, watering

Educational trajectories

1) «Geography and natural science»
2) «Geoecology-biology»

The uniqueness of each trajectory

The uniqueness of each trajectory lies in the training and training of specialists for research and educational (pedagogical) sphere of activity. Training on the trajectory is carried out on the principle of advance, involving the formation of universal competencies for instilling and generating competitive and creative abilities of the student, regardless of the scope of his future activities.

Learning outcomes for each trajectory

complete and meaningful scope of the required geographical knowledge of the physico-geographical and economic-geographical features, modern technology the study of the nature;
know the theoretical foundations of geography, private geographical Sciences;
know and apply methods, techniques, teaching tools, to diagnose educational achievements, to form an individual trajectory for students;
be able to communicate effectively with others, communicate your thoughts, both in writing and orally; be able to work in a team, correctly defend your point of view, offer new solutions;
to be able to carry out research activities, to analyze modern approaches in the study of geography, ecology, economy, tourism, local history, to attract students to work;
Have the skills:
to use the acquired knowledge in everyday life; to prove one's point of view, to find a compromise in solving problems; to be able to defend one's point of view on the basis of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
demonstrate the skills of self-search on the Internet, work with scientific, reference, methodical literature and analysis, demonstration of logical, analytical, abstract, critical thinking

Requirements to the education level of graduates of this specialty (on the basis of the Dublin descriptors)

- mastering the scientific picture of the world, the foundations of social and social phenomena, mastering General education, knowledge and experience;
- ability to solve problems through heuristic approaches without using known algorithms, willingness to take an active research position in relation to its activities and itself as its subject, the possession of methods and logic of scientific research;
- the ability to social interaction with society, the team, group skills, cooperation, tolerance; includes knowledge of languages, the ability to conduct oral and written dialogue, monologue, business correspondence;
- management of own resources, i.e. the ability to acquire, maintain, develop and use them rationally, involves the development of ways of self-development, self-regulation and self-support;
- the ability to perform tasks in accordance with specified standards, to successfully act on the basis of practical experience, skills and knowledge in solving professional problems.

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