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6M060200 Computer science

The code- specialty 6М060200 – Computer science
Purposes and tasks of specialty

Mainobjective of the educational program of postgraduate education in thespecialty 6M060200 - "Computer science " is the preparation of aspecialist with knowledge of modern programming technologies, higher mathematics,skills of professional work in modern computer systems used in solvingnatural science problems.
The objectives of the educational program for the preparation of masters ofnatural sciences (2 years of study), masters of natural science (1 year of study),specialty 6M060200 - "Computer science":

  • formation of knowledge about the functioning ofvarious software models and the skills of systematic monitoring ofinnovations;
  • creation of an opportunity of work in the field ofengineering of network and communication software, acquisition of skills oforganization and carrying out of scientific researches, obtaining ofnecessary reserve for continuation of scientific work in doctoral studies..

Sphereof professional activity:
Masters includes research, design, organizational and management work relatedto the use of informatics, programming, information and communicationtechnologies and automated control systems

Objectsof professional activity:
Objects of professional activity of Masters 6M060200 – «Computer science»are: mathematical and algorithmic models; hardware and software to solve theproblems of science, technology, economics and management.

Objects of professional activity:

  • modern mathematical methods, applied informaticsmethods for solving production, education and service problems;
  • software for computer visualization of science andtechnology problems, animation of natural processes, abstract concepts inscientific research

1) Software Engineering

2)Computer modeling of processes and systems

Uniquenessof each trajectory
  • Software Engineering

Graduates of thistrajectory are engaged in the development of software products and thecreation of software to solve production problems.
The level of training allows graduates to realize themselves in areas thatuse computer technology and IT technology

2)Computer modeling of processes and systems:
Graduates of this trajectory are trained as specialists in the field ofcomputer modeling, which assumes the study of project graphics.
The preparation of the masters of this trajectory takes into account theprospects of computer modeling of the processes of various branches ofproduction and science.

Results of trainingin each trajectory

Asa result of training, the graduate should know:

  • principles of functioning of computer equipment, ITcommunications and communications;

Agraduate should be able to:

  • apply modern methods, tools and technologies forsoftware development using modern tools;
  • interact with specialists of a related profile whendeveloping software solutions and algorithms for production tasks and theeducation system;

Thegraduate must have the skills:

  • programming using approximate computing methods forsolving applied problems,
  • support of software systems in the framework of asingle formalized system of methodologies and technologies

Asa result of training, the graduate should know:

  • basic and specialized technologies for softwaredevelopment of computerized systems;
  • basic methods and approaches to the organization,planning, management and control of works on the design, development,maintenance of software;

Agraduate should be able to:

  • use information processing systems by algorithmicmethods using computer technology,
  • use system software, design models, use Internetportals, apply software methods of information protection in computerizedsystems,

Thegraduate must have the skills:

  • programming methods for solving problems associatedwith the dynamics of systems and processes, modeling of technical,diagnostic, expert and intelligent systems.
equirements to the level of education graduates thisspecialty (on the basis of the Dublin deskripter)

Requirementsfor the level of education of graduates of specialty 6M060200 - "Computer science " are expressed through the following competences:

  • to have basic knowledge in the field of naturalscience (social, humanitarian, economic) disciplines that contribute to theformation of a highly educated person with a broad outlook and a culture ofthinking;
  • have the skills to handle modern technology, be ableto use information technology in the field of professional activity;
  • Possess the skills of designing and analyzingtechnological processes by IT tools
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