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Center of marketing and pre-university tutorial


Address: Ust-Kamenogorsk, 34, St. 30th Guards division,(building № 1), office
Tel: 8 (7232) 540-144, 540-812
Preparatory Division: office.121, Tel: 540-144

Acting head of Centre – Bolatova ZHannel Bolatovna master of Economics

Bolatova Zhannel Bolatovna was born on July 26, 1983 in the village of Katon-Karagay, East Kazakhstan region. In 2005, she graduated with honors from the East Kazakhstan state University on a speciality "Economy".

In 2005, she was hired as an employment specialist At the center for marketing and pre-University training of S. Amanzholov EKSU. In 2007, after completing her master's degree, she was transferred as a teacher to the Department of Management and marketing of the East Kazakhstan state University. In 2008 She worked as a teacher of the Department of Economics at the Gumilyov ENU. From 2010-2013, she worked as The head of the QMS Department at the Regional University. From 2016-2018-Director of the pre-school educational institution "Azamat".

The organizational structure of the centero of marketing, career and employment includes:

  • Preparatory courses in the "Golden Fund of the East»;
  • Preparatory Department for international students;
  • Vacation preparatory courses "Zhas Talap".
  • Employment of graduates
  • The Headquarters of The "Serpin»

Since October 2018-specialist of the center of marketing and pre-University training of EKSU. Since June 01, 2019, she has been appointed acting head of the center for marketing, career and employment.

Career and employment marketing center:

  • Organizes career guidance among graduates of secondary schools and colleges (diagnostics, professional selection, professional set);
  • Conducts preparatory educational programs and courses for applicants;
  • Provides preparation of long-term and current plans, creation of a database on marketing of educational services of the University;
  • Develops a strategy for advertising events in the media for the organization of a new set;
  • Publishes informational and promotional materials for applicants;
  • Provides assistance in opening new specialties and areas of training;
  • Studies the opinion of consumers about the quality of educational services of the University and prepares proposals to improve their competitiveness and quality;
  • Liaises with educational authorities and institutions on the formation of the University's student body;
  • Participates in the work of the admission Committee for conducting trial testing, consultations of applicants on admission to the University.
  • Compilation of a data Bank on graduates and their employment;
  • Providing graduates with information about open vacancies in enterprises and organizations;
Preparatory courses " Golden Fund of the East»:
  • Enrollment of students, organization of classes, scheduling, attracting teachers, monitoring attendance and payment of tuition in accordance with the approved cost;
  • Combining all forms of pre-University training on a single scientific and methodological basis;
  • Organization and coordination of specialized schools in the areas of training, Schools for young professionals, University preparatory courses;
  • Development of reference and educational materials for preparing for admission to the University.
Vacation training courses " Zhas Talap»:
  • Enrollment of students, organization of classes, scheduling, attracting teachers, monitoring attendance and payment of tuition in accordance with the approved cost;
  • Integration of all lessons into the scientific and methodological base as preparation for the UNT
  • Preparing students of East Kazakhstan region schools for the UNT during the autumn, winter and spring holidays:

    Preparatory Department for international students: The preparatory Department for representatives of the foreign Kazakh Diaspora, oralmans and foreign citizens Of the center for marketing and pre-University training has existed for 14 years. Over the years, the preparatory Department has trained more than 1000 students, many of whom have successfully entered prestigious universities in Kazakhstan. The preparatory Department operates in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education" to improve the level of General education of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners, as well as stateless persons living in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for admission to higher educational institutions and organizations of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Headquarters «Serpin»

    academic building No. 1, room 133
    Phone: 8 (7232) 541-433, (internal 114)

    The head of the headquarters of the" Serpin " – Baijumanova Leyla Tuleubaenva

    Baijumanova Leyla Tuleubaevna  has a basic education on a speciality the doctor-hygienist, epidemiologist. He has been working at the University since  1991 1991  – member of the expert Commission on environmental issues of the CIS countries; 1991-2010  Deputy Dean for educational and methodological work of the medical-preventive, medical-biological faculty, the faculty of ecology and natural Sciences; 2000-2004 . – Director of the branch of the Semipalatinsk medical University at EKSU; ; 2004-2008  – Executive Secretary of the admissions Committee of EKSU;  2007-2008 г head of the marketing and contractual relations Department;  2015-2016 . acting head of the Department for organization of research work;  since 2016  –head of the staff of "Serpin-2050". She has extensive experience in organizing and conducting career guidance, teaching, and educational work among applicants and students, as well as working to form a contingent of students at the University.

    The staff of "Serpin-2050" is an educational and vocational guidance center, a structural division of the University that carries out the work of the University on the implementation of the project "Mangilik elzhastary-industriyaga". The headquarters was established in 2015 as a result of active participation of EKSU in the state project "Serpin-2050" among 19 universities of Kazakhstan. The University takes part in the implementation of the state program "Mangilik El zhastary-industriyaga" - "Serpin-2050" in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of training and employment in the East of Kazakhstan of young people from the southern regions of the country - South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Almaty, Zhambyl, Mangistau regions, known as regions with an excess of labor resources.

    The main tasks of the staff of the "Serpin»

    • Organization of career guidance work at the University for the implementation of the state program " Mangilik elzhastary-industriyaga!"
    • Ensuring that applicants are attracted to all forms of education and educational programs of the University.
    • Planning and organization of trips to the southern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of information and career guidance;
    • Participation in the formation of a contingent of students from among the applicants of the southern regions;
    • Organization of work on prevention of illegal actions among the University's youth studying under the program " Serpin-2050»;
    • Implementation of decisions of the rector's office, higher bodies of the University;
    • Assistance in resolving issues related to the settlement of students of the program "Serpin-2050" in the University dormitories;
    Employment of graduates:

    Participation in the development of documents related to employment and employment of graduate students;

    Participation in the development and implementation of activities that promote employment of students and young professionals;

    Consulting University students on employment issues, behavior in the labor market, assists in the preparation of documents for employers and social partners;

    Organization of development of forecasts to determine the current need for personnel based on the study of the labor market, establishing direct links with other educational institutions and employment services, contacts with enterprises and organizations;

    Pre-selection of candidates according to the requirements set by the campaigns;

    Organization of training of graduate students in ways of effective business interactions, methods of building a business career;

    Maintaining a file of vacancies and offers of employment in related fields of professional activity.

    List of staff of the Center:

    6SALIMBAEVA ANARSpecialist
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