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Department of international cooperation and attracting foreign students

Department of Strategy, International Cooperation and Accreditation

Address: Kazakhstan str.55, 070004 Ust-Kamenogorsk
Tel.: 8 7232 25 05 97

International activity

Head of Strategy, Department of Strategy, International Cooperation and Accreditation, PhD - Saparova Dinara Rakhmetovna

The international cooperation of the university is aimed at integration into the world educational community, participation in the work of respectable interstate associations, interaction with leading universities in the near and far abroad.

The university has 99 international treaties. Among the partners of EKSU there are universities of both the near and far abroad: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Turkey, Germany, the Polish Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, China, Belgium, South Korea, Mongolia, USA, Portugal, France , Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, India.

A key area of international cooperation is the implementation of joint educational programs aimed at providing students with internship opportunities in foreign universities and receiving two diplomas. The University has agreements on the program of double-diploma education with universities of South Korea (Jiongsang National University), the Russian Federation (Altai State University named after I.Polzunov, Altai State University, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, etc.).

Thanks to new contacts with universities in the United States, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, and South Korea (agreements on academic mobility), students of EKSU, as well as faculty members, have the opportunity to go to study within the framework of academic mobility.

Our students and teachers can study abroad under the grant programs “Erasmus +”, “DAAD”, “Mevlana”, “ITEC”, etc.

The University is a member of eight international associations: the Eurasian Association of Universities, the International Academy of Higher Education, the Magna Charta of Universities, the International Coordinating Council “Our Common Home - Altai”, the Association of Asian Universities, the European Association of Universities, STAR-NET: Regional Network Education and Training in the field of nuclear technologies", Republican Public Association" National Committee IAESTE".

The main activities of International Cooperation Department

  • Realization of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of international cooperation in the field of education;
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive targeted programs to improve the international cooperation of the university;
  • Establishment of partnership and organization of the implementation of working programs for university cooperation with educational institutions of foreign countries for the purpose of mutual coordination of activities and the implementation of interuniversity exchanges and contacts (external academic mobility, including mobility of students and teachers, double-diploma education, exchange education, promotion of the Kazakh language abroad);
  • Collection of information, study and compilation of analytical materials on the main world trends in the development of education;
  • Preparation and conduct of reception of foreign delegations arriving in the EKSU with official, working, informal (private) visits, travel.
  • Invitation of foreign partners and representatives of interested institutions and organizations to the university; providing them with visa support; provision of registration for primary migration accounting; participation in the organization and conduct of negotiations and meetings with them, coordination and signing of relevant documents.
  • Assistance in meeting the educational needs of young people from among the foreign Kazakh diaspora, working with foreign students
  • Coordination of work and rendering assistance to faculties, departments and other departments of the university on the implementation of international interuniversity cooperation in accordance with the agreements reached, assistance in attracting university employees to work under contracts with educational institutions (educational institutions) of foreign countries.

List of employees

5KAIYRBEKOV EDIL ALIBEKULYStandardization engineer
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