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Press Office

Media Center "Altay Zhastary"

Address: 34, Tridtsatoi Gvardeiskoi Divizii street (Corpus №1), Office 253,
phone / fax: 8 (7232) 540-161,

Head of the media center "Altay Zhastary" - Sizova Olga Yurievna,
member of the Journalist Union of the Soviet Union and of the Journalist Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduated Phylology Faculty of Ust-Kamenogorsk Pedagogical Institute.

Job in the media: correspondent of the newspapers "Metallurg", "Bulletin of Kazzinc", "Ustinka +", assistant editor of the newspaper "Voice of the East", issuing editor of the newspaper "Stroim", sites,, Head editor of the newspapers "Region-press","Ust-Kamenogorsk", special correspondent of republican newspapers "ZhSK" and "Business Kazakhstan" on the East-Kazakhstan region. Collaborates with the national media.


EKU Press Service as a structural unit was created on the basis of large-circulation newspaper "Image" in 2006. The newspaper was founded in 1990 under the name "University Bulletin". If the date of birth of the university newspaper can be counted from that time, so in 2015, the university newspaper was 25 years old! And the first issue of the newspaper "EKSU Image" was released in 1999. In 2005, the official website of S.Amanzholov EKU was created. In 2015, the site celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2016, the site design has been updated. In 2018 the srructure of the media center included the TV and radio studio "Altay Zhastary"

Structure of Press Service:

  1. Media Center "Altay Zhastary"– Sizova Olga Yurievna (
  2. Layout Designer - Altynai Bakytzhan (
  3. Correspondent - Abishev Yerzhan Kenesovich (
  4. Reporter – Aumadieva Aidan (
  5. Video Operator - Bazarkanov Aydin Dalelkhanovich (
  6. Photographer – Alexander Popov (
  7. Press secretary - Chynshaeva Nazgul Tokataganovna (
  8. Specialist - Ilyas Inzhu Bakytzhanovna (

The main directions of Media Center "Altay Zhastary":

  • of the media-plan for the year, and, according to the schedule - for each month;
  • coverage of S.Amanzholov EKU activities in university media: information content of EKSU official website, including news updates, and other headings’ columns; issuing of the university newspaper "Image";
  • coverage of S.Amanzholov EKU activities in city, regional and national media;
  • organizing press conferences;
  • distribution of press releases on the activities of EKU for the media;
  • Monitoring of EKU publications in national, regional and municipal mass media;
  • Monitoring of publications of EKU faculties and departments’ specialists in the media.
  • photography and videography of major university events; making archives of photos and video, printed materials.
  • organizing work with freelance correspondents (students of the Faculty of History, Philology and International Relations, students, teachers), arranging practice for the students of journalism.

СМИ медиацентра «Altai jastary» ВКГУ им. С. Аманжолова

  • S.Amanzholov EKSU Official site was established in 2005, since 2016 the design of the website has been updated. - Official website of S. Amanzholov EKSU ( was created in 2005, since 2016 the site design has been changed. Today the site consists of the sections "blog of the rector" "Ask a question", "Incoming", "Serpin-2050", "About us", "Science and international relations", "Education", "Incoming", "EKSU Life", "Contacts", "State symbols", " Rukhani Zhangyru. Modernization 3.0", sections "news", "Ads", "Electronic reception", "Point of view", "Calendar". In the section " Press service "("media Center" Altai jastary») there are categories: "Image of EKSU (electronic version of the newspaper)", "photo Reports", "Digest", "Contacts".
  • Social networks: twitter, facebook, youtube, EKSU I M I D Z H..
  • "Newspaper Image of EKSU" ( is an indispensable tool in creating a unified information space in the University. No generation of journalists known today in the Republic and abroad is associated with the creation of a student newspaper. Next to the official chronicle of the University's life, there are materials on various topics. Mandatory topics for coverage are the innovative policy of education at the University, student life, international relations of the University with representatives of educational institutions of other countries, international public organizations, scientific activities of students, undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers.

Students of the faculties of the University and College, as well as authors from among the University's teachers and employees, participate in the creation of the newspaper along with staff members. "Image" contains 16 strips of A-4 format. The publication is published in Kazakh and Russian languages once a month. Distributed by the University for free. The newspaper is published in the publishing house "Berel" of the EKU named after S. Amanzholov. The electronic version is available on the website of EKU. (

  • TV and radio Studio "Altai jastary»

In 2018, the TV and radio Studio "Altai jastary" was opened in EKU for students-journalists, which was included in the unified media center "Altai jastary".

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