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Registration Department


Address: 30 Gvardeiskoi Divizii str.34, education building #1, offices 125 а, 131, 133 а, 135
Tel.: 8 (7232) 540-311

Head of Department – Mustafina Mergul Oralbekovna

Mustafina Mergul Oralbekovna was born on January 1, 1984 in Zhanalyk village of Tarbagatay district of East Kazakhstan region. In 2006, she graduated with honors of the East Kazakhstan state on speciality Mathematics.

2006-2008 S. Amanzholov EKSU "Mathematics" / master of mathematics.

2011-2013 Kazakh-American Free University " Economics»

  • Total experience: 13 years
  • Work experience in EKSU: 13 years

The department of registration – is the structural division of the university providing the organization of process of documentation of students’ achievements and movement of the contingent, registration of students for subject matters, accounting of accumulating of quantity of the credits studying at an extent of the entire period of education.

The main tasks of the department:

1. Management of the process of registration for subject matters;
2. Forming of the academic groups and flows on the basis of the choice studying of education;;
3. The organization and accounting of progress by results of an intermediate and final assessment;
4. Calculation of the academic rating of the students;
5. Forming and saving of the academic progress records;
6. Control of filling with teachers of rating, examination and final sheets;
8. Registration and accounting of movement of the contingent of students;
9. Control of failure of studies and attendance of students;
10. Creation of accounting and analysis of classroom fund of the university;
11. Verification of students’ knowledge on the translation from other higher education institutions, restitution, assignment, provision and an exit from the academic issue, change of a surname, etc.

Main functions of the registration Department:

1. registration of students in accordance with the academic calendar, re-registration and registration for the summer semester;
2. organization of a summer semester for additional training; elimination of academic debt and differences in educational programs;
3. organization and conduct of intermediate certification of students, drawing up an academic rating of students based on its results;
4.  storing records of students ' academic performance, managing information about accumulated grades and credits for the entire period of study;
5. registration of individual curricula based on the application and academic certificate of students to determine the timing of academic arrears and differences in curricula;
6. registration and issuance of a transcript to students and an Appendix to the diploma (transcript) for full-time, part-time, evening graduates with the use of DЕT;;
7. calculation of the average academic performance score (GPA) for the academic year;
8. development of the academic calendar, terms of registration for academic disciplines in all forms of training;
9. making assessments in the appendices to the diploma of higher education in all forms of education;
10. support of academic mobility of students and issuing a transcript to students from other universities who arrived on academic mobility;
11. modernization of the distance learning portal;

12. operative work on revealing and completing distance courses and coursework cases evening and correspondence with the use of a DOT University, Vet and SSO forms of learning;

13. organization of improvement of business skills and General education level of employees of the Department;

14. preparation of the curriculum for full-time, part-time, evening and distance learning;

15. the preparation of the schedule of examinations in all forms of education;

16. drawing up the schedule of the summer semester in social disciplines.

List of specialists of the registration department

Full NamePosition
1Mustafina Mergul OralbekovnaHead of the registration office
2Akhmetkaliyeva AliyaSpecialist, office of registration
3Kurmetova Balkan KurmetovnaSpecialist, office of registration
4Elubayeva Gulnur TalapkanovnaSpecialist, office of registration
5Askarova Tolkyn TleubekkyzySpecialist of the registration office (for scheduling)
6Karabaeva Nazira AkashevnaSpecialist of the registration office (for scheduling)
7Kudusheva Madina ToleuovnaSpecialist of the registration office (for scheduling)
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