East Kazakhstan state University held an online meeting of the rector with graduate students


EKSU hosted a webinar on "Organizing a preparatory course for admission to the master's program and conducting the final certification of the 2019-2020 academic year".

EKSU hosted a webinar on the organization of the preparatory course for admission to the master's program and the final certification of the 2019-2020 academic year with 4th-year students.


Young scientists East Kazakhstan state University won three major projects for grant funding

Dear friends!

The Week of science and creativity has ended. Today, it is important to mention the concrete results of The activities and achievements of the S. Amanzholov EKSU for the development of science and innovation.

For the University, the development of science is one of the priority areas of activity.

According to the results of the competition for grant funding of young scientists for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2020-2022, three major projects were won.


A young scientist at KSU won a grant in the amount of 36 million tenge

Associate Professor of the Department of mathematics, Ph. D. Dosan Rakimgalievich Baigereev won a grant from the MES of Kazakhstan for research on the topic "Development and research of parallel finite element methods for solving nonlinear multiphase filtration problems" in the amount of 36 million tenge in a competition for grant funding for young scientists.


Professor of East Kazakhstan state University made up the electronic manual

Professor of S. Amanzholov EKSU E. K. Uanbayev within the framework of the methodological week of the faculty of psychology, pedagogy and culture held an online lecture on the discipline " Theory and methodology of physical culture. Organization of research"


The project of a young scientist at EKSU won a grant for 61 million tenge


Laboratory of plant biology and biotechnology Of the national scientific laboratory of collective use S. Amanzholov EKSU under the leadership of the head M. Yu. Sutula won grant funding for a scientific project from the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic: "Development and implementation of innovative technology aimed at giving anti-virus resistance to varieties of agricultural crops" in the amount of 61 million tenge.


April 12-day of science workers

Dear colleagues, students, undergraduates, doctoral students!

I congratulate You on the day of science workers!\

I wish you creative success in your professional activities, inspiration, bold ideas, fruitful work in a team of like-minded people of our University, as well as successful implementation of new research projects and breakthroughs in science!

Let science at our University develop dynamically and involve more and more talented, inventive, creative and purposeful scientists.


Instagram site EKSU reached a record number of subscribers – 4 thousand

Social networks of the official website of the Amanzholov EKSU during the pandemic and home quarantine have received a new round of development – Instagram today has 4000 subscribers, Facebook-almost 3000.

Instagram Facebook has exactly 4 thousand subscribers and 1,253 publications, while Facebook has 2,940 subscribers from 44 countries around the world. The largest number of subscribers is in Kazakhstan (1275-in Ust-Kamenogorsk), followed by Mongolia and Russia.


Scientific library of Voronezh state University took part in the relay on the promotion of the world's bestsellers'

Students of S. Amanzholov EKSU in the video presented the book by Myers David, Jean Tuenj "Aleumettik psychology"("SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY)".

In the framework of the project "New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language " scientific library of S. Amanzholov EKSU took part in the relay to promote the world's bestsellers published under the program "Rukhani zhanguru".

Students of the University are presented with the book "Social psychology"by Myers David and Jan Tuezhne.


EKSU has a psychological assistance service

The psychological assistance service for teachers, students and undergraduates who are in self-isolation during the quarantine period works at the S. Amanzholov EKSU.

Anyone can call who just needs to hear someone's voice and understand that there is someone who is ready to listen to them and provide them with qualified psychological assistance.

Valid numbers: 8-771-179-86-46, 8-705-905-97-25.

Calls are accepted from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00.

Psychological assistance service


Various methods are used in EKSU in the organization of distance learning

S. Amanzholov EKSU uses modern and diverse digital technologies and techniques for conducting video lectures, seminars, virtual laboratory work and other types of classes.

In addition to ready-made workshops and manuals, we recommend the use of virtual laboratories that work online, as well as the use of virtual laboratories hosted on special platforms and services.


The meeting of the rector with students of the University in online mode took place in EKSU

The traditional meeting of the rector of the University M. A. Tolegen with the students of the University in online mode took place in S. Amanzholov EKSU, in which about 100 students took part, asking 24 questions.

Rector of the University M. A. Tolegen informed students about the transition of the University to distance educational technologies (DET).


Law students at EKSU took part in a video conference of the leadership Of the Committee of the criminal Executive system of Kazakhstan

8 April in the framework of the discipline "Penal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" students of 3 course of the specialty "Jurisprudence" of EKSU. S. Amanzholov took part in a videoconference Deputy Chairman of Committee of criminal-Executive system of the Ministry of internal Affairs, major General of justice M. A. Ayubaev on the topic: "prevention in prisons in conditions of quarantine."


The University has a YouTube channel "remote educational technologies of EKSU»

In EKSU operates a YouTube channel called "Distance learning technologies East Kazakhstan state University" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_CL9r7u5samJISkKDSi55w).

The purpose of creating this channel is to publish videos with instructions for users of distance learning of EKSU, as well as video lectures by University teachers in the section "video Library of the teaching staff of S.Amanzholov EKSU ".


A pool of digital volunteers can be created at EKSU

At S. Amanzholov EKSU, following the example of other universities, it is proposed to create a pool of digital volunteers who will assist in the preparation of educational materials for classes, conduct training webinars on the use of information technologies in the educational process.



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