Higher school of business and law

The Higher School of Business and Law holds one of the leading positions in the region and in the Republic of Kazakhstan in training legal and economic specialists. The Higher School of Business and Law of the S. Amanzholov EKU provides its graduates not only with special, but also with general humanitarian education that meets the spirit of the time, it is a major research center of the region and the Republic. The staff of the higher school takes care of its history trying to preserve the best, but at the same time keeps up with the new century, actively responding to the needs of modern society.

At the present stage, the Higher School of Business and Law is the main supplier of economic and legal personnel. The primary task of the higher school is the high-quality training of specialists who will be in demand on the labor market today.

The experienced teaching staff, scientific and innovative activities of the higher school aimed at the development of fundamental and applied research, meeting the needs of modern production and society, the close connection of scientific research with the educational process and production ensures high quality training of specialists.

For more than 30 years of the higher school existense, dozens of monographs, thousands of scientific articles and methodological developments on the most important problems of economics have been published. Our scientists and undergraduates participate in various scientific conferences both in Kazakhstan and abroad and are active participants in the G-Global communication platform.

Nowadays, higher education has become the most important link in the education system, covering an increasingly significant part of the youth, much attention is paid to the development of student science. Every year our students take prizes in Olympiads and competitions of national and international scale. In order to promote the realization of the creative and scientific potential of young people, the Student Scientific Society (SSS) is actively operating in higher education.


Dean of the Higher School Business and Law