Higher school of humanities

Today, the Higher School of Humanities is a large structural division of the university, employing highly qualified personnel, including 2 doctors of science, professors, 41 candidates of science and associate professors, and 2 PhD holders.

The Higher School of Humanities has 3 departments: the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, the Department of Kazakh, Russian Philology, and Journalism, and the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences. The departments are located in two academic buildings, while the laboratories are in one building. All 3 departments are graduating departments.

Educational programs for bachelor’s degrees in the pedagogical field and social sciences are accredited. As of the 2023-2024 academic year, the Higher School prepares specialists in 19 educational programs, including 11 bachelor’s programs, 6 master’s programs, and 2 doctoral programs. Three-level education is implemented in 3 educational programs, and two-level education in 5 programs of the Higher School.

Under the auspices of the Higher School of Humanities, the Abai Research Institute, the AltaiTanu Research Center, and the Bibigul Mamrayeva Library operate. The Higher School of Humanities has a powerful research base: computer and multimedia classrooms, named offices (named after Abai, K. Bitibaeva, S. Amanzholov, Z. Akhmetov, Zh. Akhmerova), the S. Igibaev Laboratory, thematic auditoriums (“Center for Russian Science and Culture”, “International Relations and Diplomacy”, local history classroom, Turkish and Korean language classrooms). The Historical Museum operates, housing the research works of university scholars and presenting the history of the university.

The student parliament of the Higher School of Humanities is actively working. Student activists organize adaptation events for first-year students, creative evenings, and congratulatory events for all students of the faculty.


Dean of the Higher School of Humanities