Higher school of IT and natural sciences

Today, the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences is the largest structural unit of the university, including 11 doctors of science, professors, 38 candidates of Science and associate professors, 19 PhD Doctors.

The Higher School of it and Natural Sciences has 6 departments: physics and technology; computer modeling and information technology; mathematics; biology; ecology and geography; chemistry. Departments are located in three academic buildings, laboratories are located in four buildings. All 6 departments are graduates.

Undergraduate educational programs in pedagogical, natural-scientific and technical areas are accredited. As of the 2023-2024 academic year, the Higher School trains specialists in 53 EP, including 29 Bachelor’S degree programs, 16 master’s programs, and 8 doctoral programs. Three-level education is carried out in 8 educational institutions, two-level education-in 16 educational institutions.

Powerful educational and laboratory and research base. The Higher School has a modern educational and laboratory and Research Base: Computer and Multimedia classes; robotics room; office for doctoral students of the Department of physics and technology; training workshop on bakery and confectionery production; training workshop on Garment Production Technology; Laboratory of agricultural technology. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the “STEM-Center”was opened in 7 buildings.

Since September 2020, the East Kazakhstan branch of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been operating at the Higher School.

The only national scientific laboratory of collective use in the region equipped with modern instruments. Laboratories of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and ecology. Scientific and Educational Complex “pearls of East Kazakhstan”.

Every year, the teaching staff of the higher school participate in the competition “The best teacher of the University of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Our teaching staff are the winners of the contest “The best teacher of the University of the Republic of Kazakhstan”:


Dean of the Higher School of Natural Sciences and IT